Ale House at Amatos

Breckenridge Brewery's Ale House At Amato's

Breckenridge Brewery and Wynkoop's Ale House At Amato's

For Colorado beer fans this summer is one to celebrate. After opening this spring, The Ale House at Amatos is ready for the summer as Denver’s quintessential craft beer restaurant and bar. Through a partnership between two local brewing powerhouses, Wynkoop and Breckinridge Brewing, Amatos was born with the purpose of showcasing Colorado’s best. Of the 42 taps, 37 are devoted to Colorado beers (and there is even more variety by the bottle).

Recently a good friend of mine was planning on leaving Colorado for quite sometime, and she couldn’t think of a better place to say farewell to Denver than Amatos. The view from the porch truly highlights the city skyline. You see everything, from the RiNo District on the Platte River to the soaring highrises of Downtown Denver all the way southeast past the Auroria campus. Just a hop-skip over the highway, you can walk across the footbridge into Lower Highlands and enjoy the Denver skyline with a local cold one. I ended up driving, and found ample parking in the neighborhood around the restaurant.

Amatos Taps

Just some of the 42 taps at Amatos

The beer list at Ale House at Amatos features many Colorado microbrews, including Breckenridge, Wynkoop, Great Divide, Odell, Left Hand and Avery. There’s also a handful of out of state brews (there to showcase how much better Colorado beers taste) and include well known microbrewers Alaskan, Boulevard and Dogfish. The menu is simply astounding! All of us at the table ended up sending the waitress away because we couldn’t narrow down our choice of beers. Everything from an agave nectar Wheat that tastes just like summer, to a dark and strong Stout so rich that it should be considered a meal in it’s own right. After wrestling with myself over tried and true favorites, (like Avery’s White Rascal) and more daring choices (like Wynkoops’ famous Patty’s Chile Beer) I ended up with a true blond; Ska Brewing’s True Blond that is. The balance of hops and Durango,CO harvested honey was just the right ticket for a warm June night.

16th Street Burger

16th Street Burger complete with onion fritters and horseradish sauce...Yum!

But don’t forget about dinner, Amatos has a great selection of beer’s favorite pairing: burgers. Choices include the Cholula-jalapeño burger and the West Side burger, a down home combination of apple wood smoked bacon and Gorgonzola cheese. I myself ended up favoring a unique and quite tasty burger called the16th Street burger (no doubt paying homage to the wonder that is the 16th Street Mall) featuring crispy onion strings and crumbled horseradish cream cheese. Sounds a little out there, but was delicious to eat. The cheese just melted with every bite and the burger was cooked just right. Paired with the right beer and great friends, my evening at the Ale House at Amatos couldn’t have been better.

But don’t just listen to me, check it out for yourself:
Ale House at Amatos
2501 16th Street


*Follow Up Note – Check out what BrewPub critic Laura Shunk from Westword has to say about Amatos this Fall –


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