A Taste of Colorado

A Taste of ColoradoSo for all you foodies out there this is your weekend! A Taste of Colorado is back in Denver from Friday thru Monday of Labor Day weekend. Offering hundreds of food options to try from dozens of different area restaurant it is a food connoisseur’s paradise. And even though this weekend of tastes has been around for as long ss I can remember, this was the first year I went myself. That’s right, my sister and I went for a late lunch Friday afternoon, before the crowds really geared up for the long weekend. After passing through several vendors selling t-shirts, handbags, clothing, arts and crafts, and other knick-knacks, we came across the first row of food vendors.

Vendors Line Up in Front of the City and County Building

Vendors Line Up in Front of the City and County Building

Lining up in front of the City and County Building it was like a normal food festival on steroids. Everything from ice slushies to fired alligator to Neapolitan pizza, all side by side. Not to mention the generous selection of Pepsi beverages, MillerCoors products, and Barefoot wine, there was something for everybody. We bought our tickets and began studying what Taste had to offer. The festival is massive, truly taking up all of Civic Center Park and the adjoining blocks Downtown. There are several music stages, each sponsored by a different radio station, featuring jazz, rock n’ roll, country, and much more. There are plenty of interesting arts and crafts vendors, including a custom stain-glass maker that caught my eye. The Downtown Denver Partnership, which helps organize A Taste of Colorado, even put out three ping pong tables left over from their Employee Appreciation Week tournament for free play. The tables come with balls and paddles and are located right next to the fountains on the North side of the park.

Shark's Head...out of Legos!!!

Shark's Head...out of Legos!!!

However, my favorite offering has to be the Lego exhibit for kids (and adults alike). Featuring beautifully constructed animal heads that kids can use for a photo opportunity, several building stations with free legos, and building challenges and contests this is certainly a high light for me to stumble upon. But back to the food… We wandered over to Broadway which featured even more unique food vendors, offering wild game, world cuisine, and a truck giving away free Greek yogurt! (Chobani…way yummy with like a dozen different flavors) After snacking on an appetizer of free yogurt my sister and I decided to start sampling. First was a baklava sample from Pete’s Greek Town on Colfax. A Denver local’s kind place, Pete’s baklava was sweet, moist, and a great starter. Next up was a Pulled Pork slider from Hard Rock Cafe. Yes I could have gotten a slider from Elway’s, The Broker, or gotten one made of wild boar two tents down, but with a limited amount of tickets I held back. No problem with that as the pork was deliciously seasoned with a tangy BBQ sauce and an addition of chipotle mayo. For Kate’s main dish she selected a chicken dumpling from Hot Wok Cafe. Simple and prepared just right, it hit the spot. Well on to dessert, which ended up being a chocolate chip cookie straight from Grandma’s Goodies and Kate enjoyed a personalized Blue Raspberry slushie from Snow Business. She certainly had the right idea as the sun was really heating up, and with that we headed back home to get ready for a fun-filled Labor Fay weekend in the mountains.

Civic Center Park with Downtown Denver in the Backround

Civic Center Park with Downtown Denver in the Background

I have to say that this event is a must-see if you’re in the Denver area, truly the king of food festivals. It runs until 10 p.m. tonight (Sunday), and from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday. Make sure to squeak in today or tomorrow before this event is gone for another year. For more information on the event please visit their website at www.atasteofcolorado.com.


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  1. man… you shoulda told me about this! i would have been there with you in a heartbeat. AND we would have gotten a good photo or two of Ramius for your blog!

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